The recruitment of franchisees is a key element in the development of your franchise. Indeed, they will be in charge of the image of your brand in the chosen areas.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that the candidates meet the criteria and values that you wish to convey through your brand.

  • Tip n°1: Know your typical candidate:

The ideal candidate varies according to the franchisor’s expectations. Indeed, the franchisor may prefer a candidate with experience in the field of activity of the franchise in order to facilitate his integration or, on the contrary, prefer a candidate who has never worked in the sector of activity in order to « shape » him in his own way.

This is why it is important to define a candidate profile that will allow you to facilitate the selection of candidates.

Motivation is also an important element in the selection of the candidate because it will determine the involvement of the future franchisee within the network.

Finally, give preference to a candidate who is familiar with the salaried workforce and no longer wants to be part of it, as this will prove his or her commitment.

  • Tip n°2: Know how to make the difference:

In general, a candidate will apply to 4/5 franchises before deciding which one he wants to join.

Knowing how to make the difference as a franchisor is a plus that could help the candidate to prefer your brand to another. Indeed, a good communication, a regular transmission of information, a constant follow-up, a warm atmosphere and tools at your disposal can tip the balance in your favour in the eyes of the candidate.

Tip n°3: Communicate:

Communication is a key element in candidate recruitment. It creates a relationship of trust that will help the candidate to invest 100% in the company and will not hesitate to ask for advice or help if he/she faces any problem. One of the main traps in the recruitment of franchisees is when the latter do not dare or do not want to talk about problems related to the brand and think they can solve them alone without the help of the franchisor. All these problems stem from a lack of trust between the two parties.

  • Tip n°4: Support:

Accompaniment does not mean assistance. Remember that your franchisee is an independent entrepreneur and not your employee. Do not propose a framework that is too rigid. You must be flexible with your franchisee, who must be able to make decisions and develop on his own.

However, do not hesitate to give him advice that may be useful.

  • Tip n°5: Don’t be afraid to refuse a candidate:

Learning to say « no » is important for your development. Indeed, when you have a doubt about a candidate’s profile, don’t be afraid to refuse him or her because this could have both moral and financial consequences for your network.



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