Created in 2013, our firm specializes in supporting managers of franchise networks and associated trade.

Our expertise has enabled dozens of brands to open points of sale, in France and abroad

To differentiate ourselves, we offer a 100% tailor-made approach.

At Franchise-me Up, no mission resembles another, no deliverable is a copy-paste of our previous mission.

Our strength is the adaptation to your needs and the pleasure of responding to ambitious projects, far from traditional concepts.

Our goal is to see your network grow

Our goal is that, satisfied with our collaboration, you recommend us

Since its creation, Franchise-me Up has never invested €1 in communication.

For 10 years, our turnover has been achieved by 30% direct prospecting and 70% customer recommendation.

Franchise-Me Up, a company that cares about the environment

At Franchise-Me Up, we develop our business in a sustainable and planet-friendly way.

Neutral ecological footprint

Fully digitalized

Consulting and promotion of « sustainable marketing »