On several occasions, we have observed that the profiles of franchisees « in couples » were in the top third of the network. Attendance rate at national conventions and regional animation meetings higher than other franchisees. Respect of the operating manual and follow-up of the processes put in place (not without having suggested improvements to the network head that will often be deployed to other franchisees). Commercial and technical over-performance when the division of tasks between the two partners is natural. Low rates of default on royalty payments and mandated purchases, etc. ….

In addition, some companies are particularly looking for this type of profile. They make this known in their franchisee recruitment communications by presenting photos of entrepreneurial couples in their advertising. This is the case for the Intermarché group, its restaurant chain Poivre Rouge and many other networks (Del Arte restaurants for example).

Entrepreneurship as a couple has a secret that other forms of entrepreneurship do not have: A complicity increased by the mutual knowledge of the spouses. A mutual trust that extends beyond their personal and family life. The feeling of being in the same boat, for better or for worse. The possibility of constantly debriefing (on the way home, on vacation, when waking up and before going to bed…) with the inconvenience that this represents.

In general, the profile of candidates who decide to open a franchise as a couple is as follows: a couple who have always worked together (e.g. former traders who have sold their business) who are looking for a network to help them be more competitive. A recently formed couple who decide to make the last part of their professional career together. These couples, who have often known each other in their previous jobs, have discovered a professional complementarity that has led them to the union. They have been living together for a few years and, having left the company in which they met, they realize that their operational performance is the consequence of the complementarity of their respective professional skills. Aware that they will have difficulty getting hired in the same company and, a fortiori, in the same department, they decide to launch a supported entrepreneurship (the franchise) which will allow them to relaunch their successful partnership.

We emphasize here that the notion of couple which is often defined as husband and wife (or spouse and partner) can also apply to two people whose emotional closeness would have led them to work together: two brothers or two sisters, two friends, a parent with one of his children…

Whatever the case, we advise you to think about drafting a partnership agreement to define the conditions of the separation when it occurs; amicably or not.



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