In franchise, brand license, affiliation, cooperative, ...

2 formulas :

1) Building the tools of the future franchisor

2) Coaching of the managers in their development strategy

Billing by the half-day of advice

Benefit from the experience of a franchise expert only when you need it.

Reactivity and professionalism


Country manager France & Area Director Europe of the Franchise World Link platform

2 options:

1) Develop innovative foreign concepts in France

2) Export your brand to more than 52 countries

Billing by success

We accompany the development of your brand (master franchise, licensee, ...) in +52 countries where our country managers will be your eyes and ears on more.

Our 6-step process includes the adaptation of the business plan to the local economic model, the critical review of the distribution contracts, and the marketing recommendations of the destination country.


Outsource the pre-selection of your candidates

We manage your applications from the request for information to the signing of the contract

Success-based invoicing

We offer an innovative tool capable of measuring, thanks to algorithms, the compatibility of your candidates' profiles with your brand.

Don't waste any more time processing the applications received. We manage the first calls from the request for documentation to the first interview with the network head. We only send you the filtered profiles.


Your answer in less than half a day by SMS, E-mail or phone

6/7d, 12/24h


Flexible and without commitment

Fees by the hour or by success


A model customized to your brand to meet your needs by enhancing and externalizing its initial potential.

You are ?


  • Learn the franchising business in order to duplicate your concept in franchise.Benefit from an à la carte support by choosing only the topics on which you want our expertise.
  • Each topic is preceded by a mini-training session and then completed by personalized materials for your company.

A question about the contract, a dispute with a franchisee, a choice to be made about a candidate, the critical rereading of a document, help in preparing your network meeting, ...

We will provide you with a personalized response that is always adapted to your concept.


  • You wish to create your company on the model of a franchise.
  • You don't know which network to choose in order to start your own business.
  • You are looking for the help of a franchise expert to accompany you.
  • Investors: you want to develop a foreign concept in France.

We provide you with a personalized response that is always adapted to your concept.

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